Its a Bad day for me

Its definitely a Bad day for me…What can i do for that… i learnt a lesson i.e how to behave to people at workplace… Something like that i should not be much close, everything official like that.
so why did i took decisions like the one above…it is basically because of one person who taught me a good lesson and i am sure of getting passed in it. that much deeply i have learnt that lesson.

I am going to finish my project within this week. not sure how much bug it contains..now a days i dont like to work in the present company where nobody is perfect and i am nobody. Nothing really performance based. no appraisal. nothing much…. may be i can have my present company as a start up company…but i must go to the company which really needs my brain, talent etc.

most of the higher official are looking for their life only. to simply say about it … everything politics and everywhere politics.. politics sucks…..
I dont know why these people do politics at workplace and gonna to achieve.

I dont like to work…..everything boring.. nothing is interesting like before… everybody from every part of my life is filled with problems.. i have decided to ask the problems to come to me so that i can face it… lets see how things are going…


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