Post after a Month

Yep! A Post after a week. Now its a Post after a Month. today is the most good day for me . Last two months went very good and lots of good happenings in my personal and official life.

About my Workplace

My workplace have been changed to Elnet Software City from Tidal Park. Initially i did not like my workplace. even now it is not comfortable,. it is too glaring because of high intensity light on the ceiling. and window doors…etc and lot. we switch off the light and work.

My websites sales..
my shopping website sales is now increasing and i am on the way to increase more..i am poking around my cells in the brain to search for the ideas to enhance my site. but end up with messy and naughty thoughts.

I dont like myself for not posting for more than 2 months
It is almost two months since i blogged. i do not have internet at workplace. so i find it difficult for me to blog. i do not like myself for being lazy in writing the blog.

Decreasing the size of my Belly!
i was going for a jogging for the past 3 weeks daily in the morning in order to reduce the size of my belly which i was developing over the last 4 fours of tough job i.e studying engineering….

started bloggin again…till i hate to blog…hope you reader will like the text at myblogs….
happy blogging…


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