A Post after a Week!!!

Hi All,

I am back for blogging. For the past one week i did not blog which i feel bad when i think about that. I was busy working for the project in my company. I was asked to fix the security holes that is present in the application project. I was also working on my website where i made dramatic changes interms of marketing, and product display. though i went out for direct marketing, i can say marketing is a tough job. But who is capable of doing that, can become great if they proceed in right way and utilize the opportunity.

I went to some top branded shops for asking products information to feature in my website. some responded to my inquiries, and some not. all i can say is ” No Pain , No Gain”. If u really worked hard for anything, u might get pain. if u feel that painful, then i can say there is no gain in doing that. if u feel that is good, then gain will reach you. this proverb was told by an Actor Kamal Hassan inRadio Mirchi. I took this and when i get some pain and i will make my mind to console myself as i am going to reach to everest peak one day. all these pain will be converted to smile.

Technology & Innovations
Lots of new technology happen to flourish in the internet. one of them is Yahoo’s Mindset which is similar to Google’s Personalized Web Search. Yahoo Messenger Beta through which you can make PC to PC Call to your loved ones. Yahoo Shopping – Gift finder and more like this. for accessing check out this link
Microsoft started a new project called MSN Earth similar to Google’s Earth. check out you can also check for the latest of Microsoft Sandbox


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