Project Estimation

Project Estimation is nothing but you specify/ schedule a start and end date for each modules in the project after careful analysis of each modules in the project. As my PL as estimated the no of hours and no of days for the project, i was asked to do update the start and end date for each module.

since i did not had any experience about that, i agreed to her that i will fill it. soon after that i started filling it. at first i did for a single person. say a module will have 80 hours. if one person working for 8 hours/day then it means 8 man days to finish the work. this is right for a single person working. but when it comes for the team work, then there might be 3 people working. i should also fill the date in such a way that activities were parallel so that 3 people work in different modules there by finishing the project with the deadline. i was asked to do like that. after careful examinations with the dates, i some what managed to do that.

Lets see how things going to work tommorrow.


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