Wow. Till from the morning i was working with the computer and searching for some thing new which i can enhance my website. after muthu came to my house we together to market our shopping website. first we decided to go all florists shops and talk to them about our site. like wise we got the details about the florist shops in chennai and we went which is near to my home.
first customer to us said to us that “come and meet me tommorrow”. we talked to him and we explained our business model to the shop owner. may be he got the pamplet we gave to him. might do good i think if i go tommorrow.

second customer to us said “if u come for advertisements, then we dont provide anything.”. we explained the concept of free shopping and we told them that we do favour to you. after that owner aggreed to give us the products. lets see how things works.

third customer to us said “I will call you.”. i am not sure that this customer will do some favour to us. but any way we met them and learnt not do mistakes while marketing our website.

each time we went to our customer, we learnt from past mistakes we did, and rectified it. muthu done wonderful job in initiating the conversation. after that i continued with out strucking…
i hope some sales will go through my website

Now you can check out flowers through this link


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