Sify First showing the Results Among other websites

Cheers for the work done by Saravanan at our company.

He worked for results.sify.com which features about the higher Seconday School Examination Result 2005. Today i went to office earlier around 8.15 AM for bug fixing of my project. After that, as the entire tamil nadu awaits for the +2 Results. one of the people from news/content brought the CD containing the results given by DGE in a short time to our office.

withint 18 minutes the data has been upped in the database and around 10.15AM we are about to see the result in our results page. we all were waiting from 9.30 AM. after that results have been published and then we are the first one showing the results among other websites who publish the result.

i saw most of the result sites pages were down or no results page. we have got expertise and we did it in a least time. cheers for the DBA Team, Technology Team, Management Team of our company who made this happen.

Applause and Congrats!!!!


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