Software Testing

Software Testing means testing the quality of the software product developed by the developer before delivering the product to the client. Yeah! a great work done by my friend working with me as a trainee. she is good in testing more than me. she points every small bugs in the application i developed.

All sorts of validations, functionalities etc in the application were completly checked by her and reported the bugs to me. i am wondering how this girl can do that much better testing looking after every small unit of the application. when i saw her for the first time in the office she was not good enough to handle (this is what i thought about her). but now she is more good than before. i also asked her about her wonderful performance. she replied “all because of doing testing for a big project which helped me learn more”. (these words are not exact.)

Anyway i should also learn to test the application like her. though i do coding in a fast way, i also should improve the ability of testing the application which i am developing. If you are a developer, learn to test the application you develop before giving it to the testing team. since most of the bugs might be silly/ easily traceable as you gain experience. For more information click here


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