Ideas striking my little brain…!

1.Digitizing the libraries in india, along with major Indian universities like europeans going to do alternative to Google Print.
Impact about that:

  • 18 languages Books from 26 States void of caste, religion etc.
  • People will be able to search any kind of data from indian libraries.
  • Large Number of Page Visits

2. Professors, lecturers, students shall present their thesis, white papers, books, abstracts, ideas, technical reports from any areas of research(Similar to Google Scholar).
Impact about that:
Indian Professors, lecturers around the world contribute to the community for developing young indians knowledge.

3. Google Desktop search searching the My Search History along with normal search.
Google Desktop Search application searches our computer. I came with a ideas why not integerate the new feature of My Search History of google into it… May be i shall develop it .. i think. not for sure…

4. How-To’s for Most Popular website – Help the newbies, intermediate, advanced to gain more knowledge than before using Macromedia Captivate

5. Gmail client similar to Thunderbird or GBrowser similiar to FireFox

6. Sify Classifieds similar to Craigslist and Google Maps http://paulrademacher.com/housing/

7. My Search history for GDS

ideas may strike more….might see more posts than before in the future


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