Bug Fixing; Physically Challenged person

Today I was fixing bugs in my application which i developed. lot of changes in the application which was found as bugs by one our tester. she is good in pointing out issues which are important which was not noticed by me. My PL never appreiciate me for testing.

One of my colleague with physically handicapped hand working with me. His hands was physically handicapped right from his birth. i asked him again and again the same question….? whether it is right from your birth??. He replied “Yes!” and he went away. My colleagues around me blamed me on asking such question to him. i was in thinking that i could ask my brother to look after his hands… That person is 3 Years experienced in IT and i was shocked hearing this…there are people still who are achieveing..

Reward for my project from the friend who gave me the project. nice conversation we had on before the tidal park gate. Today everything went fine.


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