Mental Torture – a Brain Killer

Hey, you…wanna to know about Mental torture???? Its my inner conscious which tortures me and there is a innner conscious in every one’s heart. I have to complete my project by today itself. thought i have worked good, but slow in productivity. the proverb “slow and steady wins the race” doesnt fit for me. there is a slow. but not steady. i might lag behind the schedule.

This happens to every professionals in the IT industry like me. Mental torture symptoms are too much thinking on a single concept, headache, thinking something that is not relevent, finding places for relaxes etc.. These happened to me.

I think i can recover from that if i am going to finish the project in a good manner with some bugs. there are number of ways you cannot go into mental torture. they are as follows

  • Do the work as per schedule.
  • Be punctual.

If you the reader have any, please write in on the comments!!!


One thought on “Mental Torture – a Brain Killer

  1. so u r realizing the benefits of being slow!!!!!!! try to over come it ok. no point worrying over spilt milk

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