Google or Yahoo? which is better to search?

Hi, I have come over certain websites comparing both yahoo and google search results. I think now days Google were concentrating more on revenue than their search results which was not before.

To prove this, i have experienced one and another from the other blogger.
First Search Keyword : Font a_RubricaCn Download from Yahoo and from Google
Second Search Keyword: the the From Yahoo and From Google

From both results Yahoo Provided me the correct data which google Didnt. I am here not criticize Google but worried why google not showing it??? I suggest you when u search Google and find nothing use Yahoo! and then try for MSN. since from atleast once you might get the information what you are looking for


One thought on “Google or Yahoo? which is better to search?

  1. well first of all, yahoo is not at all a search engine. its just a search directory. i will still say you can’t write off google just like that, since it is headed by hackers like larry. I know it has its own inherent weakness (like it can’t produce results from sites that refused to be cached or have requested not to be cached). but certainly in other cases it produces the best results. and it also doesn’t throttle my bandwidth with big flashy ads.

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