My First customer, Major part in project completed

Hey! I think i have achieved something. I got my first customer for my website for the first time. customer signed yesterday from coimbatore. This is My first success for my work done till now. he ordered for two versions of linux Operating system which costs Rs.100 inclusive of delivery charges.

I am also looking for more customers in the future. I must do some search engine optimisation for my website so that it comes first in the search result when the end user searched for specific keyword. I must also promote my website through paper advertising, sms, email marketting, etc and lots more…but all should be done in an innovative way that should not reflect what others were doing.

I have finished the major part in my project and now its going fine. i have to go to office tommorrow sunday and work the remaining minor part. I am becoming good in php and tech thinking and also plan to cultivate that in the forth coming days.


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