why Personal Blogging… a conversation between me and my friend…!

Note: Here is the conversation between my friend and me regarding personal things on my blog!!!

(14:12:44) My Friend: ya all r fine
(14:13:03) My Friend: but y did u post the daily activities
(14:13:15) My Friend: the blog is seeing by all
(14:13:23) My Friend: post technical articles
(14:13:33) My Friend: dont put ur persoal
(14:13:37) My Friend: personal things
(14:13:40) : Buzz!!
(14:14:22) mbchandar: ho
(14:14:48) My Friend: enna ho
(14:39:51) mbchandar: blogging is to put anything da
(14:39:56) mbchandar: not just for technical thoughts
(14:40:03) My Friend: yes
(14:40:12) mbchandar: my blog will give you info about me
(14:40:15) My Friend: u have to maintain
(14:40:18) My Friend: separate
(14:40:20) mbchandar: not just techy
(14:40:26) mbchandar: also my life
(14:40:33) mbchandar: and anything
(14:40:39) mbchandar: that is related to me
(14:40:53) mbchandar: this is my personal blog
(14:40:56) My Friend: y u want to expose ur life
(14:41:20) My Friend: its viewed by all
(14:51:11) mbchandar: certain thing i cant tell in person
(14:51:23) mbchandar: in blog i can express my feelings, my views
(14:51:25) mbchandar: etc
(14:51:27) mbchandar: know
(14:51:31) mbchandar: freedom to write
(14:51:55) My Friend: u have freedom to speak
(14:52:08) My Friend: then y u go 4 writing
(14:52:10) My Friend: >????????
(14:52:30) My Friend: Is anyone grab ur freedom
(14:52:31) My Friend: ???
(14:52:42) mbchandar: i am not good at speaking or conversating with the people
(14:52:52) mbchandar: but i can write well
(14:52:54) mbchandar: no
(14:53:25) mbchandar: i can improve my vocabulary, my approach to problems ‘
(14:53:27) mbchandar: etc
(14:53:41) My Friend: if u feel like this ,This is chance to take improve ur speaking skills
(14:54:14) My Friend: y u degrade urself
(14:54:21) My Friend: u r not speaking good
(14:54:49) My Friend: u know the weakness
(14:54:56) My Friend: then try to rectify
(14:55:01) : Buzz!!
(14:56:19) mbchandar: i am going to meet hari bye
(14:56:20) mbchandar: noe
(14:56:29) My Friend: k
(14:56:32) My Friend: bye
(15:13:58) My Friend logged out.


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