My Good PL vs My Worst Behaviour

Today is the quite day for me. since nothing went fine in the morning as my brother took my bike and went away. i came late as usual to office. as my PL got scolding from her senior, she scolded me. she doesnt want me to come late. but i dont know why i am late always… may be i should do some thing to over come this weakness. this is diesease from my school days. even when i studied in college i use to come late. same applies to office also.

i got scolding from my PL today morning. After that i became quite and no talks between her and me. i was first anxious at first and lately i realized after great fighting between the heart and mind. even this happened with my evergreen friends. my evergreen friends scolded me because of my late. Even i thought of moving to some other team or even other company. i was angry on her sayings. In my view my PL is good at managing projects, managing me also. she used to be friendly, but some times she might get angry but never neglects me…(i think). this happened to be true…how i come to know??? read the below paragraph

My PL came to me in the evening around 19 HRS IST and told me about the problem behind my late coming to office and she also explained me about the situation in the office. Right from the morning i didnt talk to her after i got scoldings,.. i didnt have my lunch.. because of this problem. but at the evening, she came to me and very kindly asked me why i didnt talk?.. and she even knew that. after that i told her that i will come early from tommorow which was answer i gave for her question.

I mentioned My worst behaviour as my Late coming and My Good PL for her kindness to me. Atleast for her sake, i should not come late. may be i shall come early to office from tommorow…..!!!


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