What I want to be!!!!

Note: This is the text i wrote when i didnt get any job.

Linux Expert??
Yes, I would like to know the nook and corner of the architecture of the Linux OS since when I had my interest in creating an Operating System of my own! Since I like to customize most of the feature in windows operating system I cannot understand the behavior or I can not customize everything. When I heard Linux would be good for that thro one of my friend, I starting hacking Linux OS.
Computer Expert??
Yes I could say! When I studied PUC I had an aim of going in as medical student. But it doesn’t happen nor may I not put that much hard work in that. I got into IT after that. All my interest went to IT industry, computers.etc. started hacking the in and out of the computer software even I don’t know nothing about the software for which purpose I have been using it. That time when exploring I don’t have any particular aim that I have to go in only this platform. I have the mind that I should know everything related to computer systems. But my uncle said none is the master of all. Choose one and be the master in that particular. So even before I decided to go in for Linux platform, I was in confusion which one to choose. Through one my working friend which I got thro Chennai lug, I was inspired by his Linux knowledge. And I changed my mind to Linux platform and started to explore each and everything on open systems and its development. Since then till now I have been working on Linux administration and its system development.

Earn more???
Yes. This is my thought when I think about my sweet family. I would like to earn more which should be equal to my knowledge.

Achieve something????
More over than Earning, I would like to achieve something in this world. I want to be the person known by all before my last sleep. May be I should practice, hard work more than anyone for that to achieve. Invent new things which should be used by all. How do I achieve that?? Where I am focusing my future and how should I have to shape it and by using which tools. I have been googling my mind for these Q’s that arose in me all the day. But if once decision is taken there should be no looking back as My Project Manager(now working in Wipro) said. Think in a way such that u can do something useful in this world to show your talent.


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