EvergreenStars Get Together

Hey All!! Its quite a enjoyable day for me and also for my friends group (Evergreenstars).
Brief Intro about the Group
Evergreenstars group formed automatically (anbala sentha Kootam) at the start of doing 2.7 yr B.Tech. we jointly study, play, enjoy, have fun. Get Good marks too. Group members are myself, bhuvana,Hari, Rafi, Raji, Sathya, sankar, selvam, sathish.
Enjoyable fun SunDay!!!
We all went to Parthasarathy Temple in chennai and they all prayed God. Here we had delicious puliotharai, pongal, athirasam, somaas etc. then we had a nice jolly time as i was always building the house, joking. lots of fun we had. then we all went to spencers where hari bought shoes. and then had a good sight seeing their. we went to most of the shops for window shopping. then went to mylapore sangeetha and had fun their with arun’s cell phone. and then returned to raji’s home down home (kez veedu) and watched Chandramukhi there. then all went home back.

Its good that we enjoyed a lot after a long gap. had a nice time with the friends….


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