Salary, Project coding, New Project, unhappy

The happiest thing happened today is that i got this month salary. so gave around 7k to my parents and rest is with me. not to mention the salary package here. In my company, i start working on coding part after successfully completing the CMMI Documents Enjoyed the coding part and it made me to think. if i completed this project, then this would be my first project i have done following the CMMI Process.

New Project is on the way for my team my PL said today. Today one of my colleagues’ last dayin sify. she is joining infosys. Since i joined my working company, many of the good programmers(Upto my knowledge) are leaving the company. It is a natural habit for everyone to think to move to best company than the better company for their individual growth.I am not blamming my company. infact i can say, i have much knowledge because of the company i am working now. but the company were not capable of keeping the talented person.

Turning around google, as i said, they disabled my account. i feel unhappy about the happening.
i dont find any other ways to promote my shopping website other than google. may be i shall try some other thing to promote my website.


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