Too Much Greedy I am…..

Hey! Recently i have been working hardly on how to make money online. So i browsed the web and found out certain things. one is Google Adsense, other is referral programs like in amazon.com, and other websites. i signed up almost most of the affiliates program to promote my website but nothing happened. i think all are not good!!!

so i started using the Google Adsense in my blog, my websites, etc. when ever i do searching in my own site, if i found a link use ful i was forced to click it. but happened to be the last click for my adsense program. they have disabled my account telling me that i have made some invalid clicks through some robots or programs.!!! But I didn’t. I think i am Greedy….thats why i clicked on the ads link which became the last click….Oops.!!!

anyway google is doing good job in that protecting the people and also giving the people what they want…. Dont think that i am publish more post regarding google. I like their innovations, creativity… thats why i am posting. i never missed hitting the google before starting my work…

Proverb: The poor lack much, but the greedy more.


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