Take Care of your Health

Hey!!! If you are guy working for hours…..????

Then Stop working now!. I am like you working crazy by sitting before the computer and now i am with problems like neck pain, back pain, eye burning etc Everyone told me not to work like that when all my interest was towards the computer system. I dont Know why i am working like this…may be to achieve something in life…Yeah! for that only.

But you should be taking care of your health. i am suffering now with the infections i mentioned in the above para. do some exercise, yoga, meditation so that you can keep your self fit and good living in the future. Have some energy Drinks if u feel tired. Sleep well which is very very important for our life. i will not sleep more than 5 hours. but u must sleep around 8 hours. even i am trying to do that so that u might get tensed while working.

Take a break every hour and walk some distance while in job. Sleep in the flat surfaces and take bath in normal water so that u r body pain will get reduced otherwise it will persist. Its better to take bath two times a day as it is Hygienic and also good to health!!!

Good friends are good for your health. Make friends……


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