Document Preparation

For every software developer, they know to prepare a document. It can be either SRS which abbreviates System Requirement Specification that contains information about the how a system should be after it has developed or DD – Design document that contains the technical information about the system and database design document. I am been preparing this and learnt something how to prepare it and why it is needed for the software project.

you have done a project with no documentation and left the company. when other developer who is doing maintainence will not be able to reverse engineer it, unless he/she is a expert in doing that. I have experienced this when i did a project with huge source code Files!!!

From then i have been coding the files with inline comments, following coding guidelines etc so that the other developer who will be taking up the maintainence of the project which i worked, will feel comforatable.

For clarity about the project i even created a demo using the Macromedia Captivate. Use some good icons to represent entities so that the developer will be able to understand it clearly than from the textual explanation.

So, if u r a software developer, and thinks like me , go ahead and follow the SDLC – software development Life cycle and do documents before start coding the project……! 🙂


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