I am crazy About Google Day by Day

I am Crazy about google’s innovation day by day!!!

they are very good in search technologies. they create lot of good innovative things with that search technology. I used to go to their blog site right from the first day they created the blog. Read all those articles. Even i’ve been thinking about getting into Google Company!!!!

It Seems like they create Wonders!. Their services like Maps, recent Search history, Image search, Ride finder, Gmail attracts me a lot. In my View Google want to the web to be the Peoples one and not the providers one. they created vast changes in Advertisements by using simple Text Ads according to user search keywords. No PopUps. No Image flashy Banners!!!! Thanks to google.

May be they might turn the entire web to their path in the mere future. I am sure i will be working in google once in my life time or i shall try for it……


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